Creating Experiences.

Simplify Work. Simplify Life.

Digital products for industry and users.

As a digital subsidiary of the mobility provider e.GO Mobile AG, we bring interdisciplinary expertise into play at the conception and realisation of digital products.



Our vision is the simplification of everyday life as well as of working life. Always with the focus on users’ needs while staying thoughtful of our own claim to take care of resources and follow agile principles.


We aim at pre-thinking, co-shaping and optimizing the digital transition of companies – this is what improvement means to us. With positive user experience as a basis, we improve business processes for employees and develop digital business concepts for B2B and B2C customers.


Our goal is to put potentials of digitalization into practice with the help of interdisciplinary experience. The use of a product or a service is to bring a need-oriented added value. Therefore, new ideas are being generated, elaborated and realized together with a broadly diversified team which is specialised in digital products.

Why e.GO Digital?

Over 500 consulting projects and expertise in innovation management and operations management.

Early prototypes and short sprints for consistent feedback and user-oriented industry apps.

A young team of software engineers and agile coaches with many years of experience in developing industrial apps

Experts in business intelligence as well as various state-of-the-art technologies, e.g. autonomous driving.

Value Proposition

Creating Apps.

Simplify Work.

Business processes can be optimized by constant communication, by offering user-adequate information, and by data-based observation of trends. e.GO Digital develops apps that simplify business processes along the entire value chain.

Simplify Life.

Products are more than the sum of their physical components. Digital services along the product's entire life cycleare of increased importance. e.GO Digital develops app-based services for the digital refinement of products and thus simplifies the users' life.

Simplify Growth.

Dynamic changes of our time force companies to continuously evolve. New business models need open-mindedness. Successful market disruptions require a quick reaction. e.GO Digital develops disruptive ideas with a creative and highly digital team to create new business opportunities.

Our Process.

Identification of pain points
for customers, employees & partners

Assessment and prioritization
of most attractive solutions

MVP development and testing
within e.GO ecosystem

Market-rollout and upscaling
using diverse sales channels